6 Must Read Google+ Features, Privacy and Facebook Twitter Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google+ is one of the fastest growing Social Network in the world, crossed the 20 millions of users mark in just a short time span of 3 weeks after its launch. Google+ has became the sensation topic of all the social media experts, designers and bloggers.

Today I would like to present you 6 must read Google+ Infographics which will help you in knowing Google+ better than before.

1. Google+ vs Facebook the Real Face Off

This Infographic compares the features of both the Google+ and Facebook and guiding you in choosing the right Social Network.

via Technobomb

2. Comparison Between Google+, Facebook and Twitter

The Infographic compares the 3 game players of Social Network – Twitter, Google+ and Facebook on their features.

via Stefanoepifani

3. Facebook vs Google+. Let the Fight Begin!

What trigger the war between Google+ and Facebook, the Infographic lists out the some amazing facts and figures about Facebook which provoke Google to start the Social War.

via Singlegrain

4. Google+ Privacy Configuration Tips and Tricks in 6 Simple Step

The Infographic show 6 simple steps to configuring your privacy on Google+.

via ZoneAlarm

5. The Usage Of Google+ Circles

The Infographic showing the suggested usage of the 176 Google+ users who completed the Google+ Early Adopters Circles Survey – created by Davide Casali of ‘Intense Minimalism’.

via Intense Minimalism

6. Quick Overview at Google+ Features

This Infographic provide you some quick overview about Google+ features.

via Kiranvolati


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