8 Reason Why Facebook to Unveil Changes in f8?

According to confirm source from Mashable, Facebook has planned to unveil  its major revamp of user profiles at its f8 developer conference on this Thursday, 22 Sept. While so far Facebook has yet to make any official comment on the detail of the design changes.  But source close to the social giant claimed that the new design changes is aim to keep the users to spend more time in Facebook site.

Today we have have collected all the 8 reason why Facebook so eagerly to unveil changes in its upcoming f8 developer conference:

Facebook Changes

8 Reasons Why Facebook to Make Changes in f8?

1. Facebook’s changes is see as part of its effort to wade off the attack from the growing competition of Google’s very own social network Google+.

2. Facebook is trying to outshine itself into becoming the key entertainment destination on the web.

3. Part of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of building a real “social web” where users around the world can interact with each other through online films and music.

4. Facebook aim to increase it current users base of 750 million.

5. Facebook aim to become the core “distribution platform” to other media companies. E.g.

  • Independent’s website has seen a 680% rise in traffic from Facebook over the past year.
  • Britain’s biggest newspaper website, MailOnline, manage to increase their site’s traffic by sixfold through Facebook’s referral

6. Facebook aim to increase it current revenue of $1.6 billion (first two quarters of 2011)  and profit margin before it go for Initial Public Offering (IPO).

7. Facebook aim to keep the user stay on the site for as long as possible.

8. Part of reason to keep Facebook stay ahead of the competition.

Facebook’s Changes Expected to be Announced in F8

1. Music & Video Sharing in Facebook

The social network will introduce the new “ticker” stream. Meaning that your friends at Facebook will now be able to see a real-time stream of what you are watching, reading and listening to in the site.

2. Facebook’s “Like” Button

Facebook will change its popular “Like” button to allow the apps developers to create their own version of “Like” button e.g. “Want,” “Desire” or “Need.”

3. More Facebook App for Live TV and Newspaper

It is expected that some of the film, TV streaming sites and some newspapers will be releasing there new Facebook app at the conference. Rumor reported that Spotify and Vevo (video site) will be releasing its latest apps which will allow the Facebookee to stream songs without leaving the site.



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