AMD FX-8150 Break Guinness World Record as Most Overclockable CPU

Mid of last month, AMD just broke another world record with its world first eight-core processor FX-8150. By pushing the CPU up to it max limit of 8429.38MHz from its default speed of 3.9GHz when operating at 8 cores or 4.2GHz when operating at 4 cores. AMD’s achievement has set a new Guinness World Record for clock speed by a silicon processor.

But the record does not last long as the world renown overclocker Andre Yang just broke the record again with the same CPU FX-8150 and this time Yang manage to push pass the record set by AMD’s flagship Bulldozer by enhancing it to 8461.51 MHz, using a base clock of 272.95 Mhz, and a 31x multiplier.

AMD FX World Best Overclocked Processor

The memory used was a single 2 GB Corsair-branded module, cranked up to 909 MHz (1818.16 Mhz DDR), with timings of 9-9-9-24T. Yang also following AMD’s lead by disabling all but 2 of the FX-8150’s cores to cut down on heat and allow for better stability.

Check out the result submitted by Yang through the CPU-Z Validation page.

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