Samsung Galaxy S4 to Come With Different Processor Model for Different Country

According to the latest intel from Taiwan, Samsung will be coming up with different types of processors for their upcoming Galaxy SIV in each region. Taipei Times claimed that, investor group in JP Morgan said in a note to clients: Similar to its previous Galaxy S3, Samsung is expected to adopt multiple...
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Sony PlayStation 4 launch event New York

Breaking News – Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) is Finally Here! – A Must Have Console in 2013….

In the past few hours, Sony has just unveiled it next generation of game console PS4 at the special press event held in the New York. After 7 years of long waiting, the successor of PS3 has finally here. Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment commented that “the gamer is the focal...
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Get Free 50GB Cloud Storage ~ How-to

Thinking of getting a bigger cloud storage for your files and data? This is your lucky day, just offering 50GB of cloud space for free to all the new users who sign up for an account start from now. The signup page from indicate that the offer is a “Dell Exclusive Offer,”...
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How to Change CSC on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

As you may aware, all the Samsung Galaxy devices including Tablet, Phone does come with a different CSC according to the geographical region where you bought your unit. The CSC or a short code for consumer software customization contains the software packages specific to particular region, carrier branding...
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How to Automatically Generate QR code Wordpress Posts

How to Automatically Generate QR code WordPress Posts? ~How-to

As we all know the QR code is getting popular these days with the use of the smartphone like Android and iPhone. So do you have any idea on how to generate the QR code for all your WordPress posts? Here goes the simple steps on how you could do it. How to Generate QR Code for Your WordPress Post/ Page Copy...
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New Kindle Fire HD vs New iPad 3 ~ Specification Comparison

Today, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has just introduced 3 different versions of his company’s newest tablet, the Kindle Fire HD ~  the 7-inch and 8.9-inch The 7-inch and 8.9-inch models will each have 16 GB of storage and cost $199 and $299, respectively. In addition, Amazon Inc will also be introducing...
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15 Ways to Improve Battery Life of Google Nexus 7

15 Ways to Improve Battery Life of Google Nexus 7!

The Google Nexus 7 fares well with battery life compared to other smart phones and tablets, thanks to its massive 4,325mAh battery and lack of 3G connection. However if you are reaping the maximum power of your Nexus 7 on the long hours of 3D games or HD videos then an extra battery juice could be something...
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How to enable Adobe Flash Player on Nexus 7

Enable Adobe Flash Player on Nexus 7 ~ How-to

Have you facing any difficulties to access the flash based websites with your Google Nexus 7? As some of you aware, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 11 no longer supported on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. Well well, not to mention this also apply to the Nexus 7 that come with the...
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Insert Google Adsense Unit Within the Post Content Paragraph in WordPress

Insert Google Adsense Unit Within the Post Content / Paragraph in WordPress ~How-to

Have you ever seen a blog post that their Google Adsense ads appear after the first or second paragraph of the post body? And do you know that actually the process of inserting the ads is done automatically through the coding instead of the manual process. In today guide, we going to provide you with...
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Download Gameloft’s Asphalt 7: Heat for Android

Are you ready for the race war? Gameloft’s Asphalt 7: Heat has finally arrived on Google’s Play Store. Originally it was scheduled to release month ago, but rumor claimed that it got pushed back to give way to Gameloft’s premium release The Dark Knight Rises game. Anyway it’s available now,...
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