Google Android the Untold Story You Should Know! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google Android has been with us since its launch back in 2008; start from its very first version of Android 1.0 it have made a huge progress and improvement to become a better Android as what we have today. But do you know the fairy tale behind each Android rev? Check it out after this break. via xCubeLabs
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Alibaba Aliyun

Alibaba Aliyun – China Version of Google Android/ Apple iOS Smartphone OS REVEALED!

Here come another new contender for Google Android and Apple’s iOS, the Chinese version of Alibaba Aliyun OS. In the press release today, China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba has confirmed that they will be releasing their own version of mobile operating system at the end of this month.  The Aliyun...
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iPhone 4S 5

iPhone 4S/ 5 Finally EXPOSED! 4″ Screen, 3GS Curvy Back, Less Buttons

Yes you right Apple’s next generation iPhone 4S/ 5 has finally been reveal but this time it is the blueprint of the Apple magical phone.  In the last 24 hours, Mobilefun revealed that they manage to get a fresh look on the schematic images of an iPhone and as far as the evidence goes those...
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Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II Hit Record Sale of 5 Million Unit in 85 Days!

The popular Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has hit another milestone with the more than 5 million units were sold in a relatively short period of 85 days since its release. Currently, Samsung’s latest Galaxy  is graded as one of the best Android phone in the market. But seem that the convincing...
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apple (1)

World Internet’s Infographic Trend. The Humorous Moment! Apple, Facebook, Google+, Microsoft, Pandora and More…

These few month we have witness some of the biggest changes in the internet world, start with the launch of Google + on last Jun to the latest release of Apple’s new operating system Mac OS X Lion. Matthew Inman from “The Oatmeal,” has different way of expressing this up and down...
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Zynga’s CityVille to Reach The Great Wall of China! ~ Full Story Covered Here!

According to the news, Zynga will become the one of first international social game developers on Tencent’s social networks. Tencent Holdings Ltd, the Chinese Internet company, to launch its first game in mainland China as it tries to find new users by tapping into the $5.8 billion Chinese games market. Zynga...
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Apple Released Latest Soul Touching iPad 2 TV Ads – We ll Always

Do you have the magical device from Apple –  iPad 2?  Again Apple has delivered another new version of ads on the amazing device. As same as previous 2 version of ads, the whole new ads titled “We’ll Always” is delivered in the 31 seconds time frame. The ads is packed with the most powerful...
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No More Fake Apple Chinese Stores! Bye Bye!

Bloomberg reported that the recently popularized Kunming-area fake Apple store is being investigated by Chinese authorities and it, along with another store, has been ordered to shut down. The owners of said stores, including one Yu Cheng (who claims he’s doing Apple a favor), have been trying to...
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apple takeover hulu

6 Reasons Why Apple Bidding/ Will Takeover Hulu. EXPOSE!

The rumor on the Apple is considering to take over the massively popular US video on demand service Hulu is spreading like a wild fire. According to Bloomberg the deal will likely cost Apple more than $2 billion, but that doesn’t poses a hurdle for Apple – currently world’s second-most-valuable...
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Apple Sold 9 Million iPads & 20 Million iPhones in Third Quarter 2011

Apple has just posted its third quarter earnings and with it, some huge sales numbers for iPad and iPhone. The company sold 20.34 million iPhones and 9.25 million iPads during the quarter, increases of 142 percent and 183 percent, respectively, versus the same period last year. Those numbers, along...
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