iKill EXPOSING The Ugly Truth that Apple and Foxconn Never Tell You About Your iPhone and iPad! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you an Apple fan? This revealing infographic from iKill will surely blow your mind away for the Apple products – iPhone, iPad and Mac devices that you have supported all these while.

This exposing infographic charts will surely make Apple and Foxconn look even more ugly don’t you think?


iKill 2

via FastCoDesign

Do you know that

  • An average American spend an estimated USD321 on Apple products but to the real fact an average Apple plant worker would have to work 3 months just to afford an iPhone.
  • 156 overseas plants produce Apple products and 5 of these plant were using children labor force.
  • 62% of Apple supplier factories had laborers working over 60 hours a week.
  • Apple supplier Foxconn only paid $1.78 an hour to the workers.
  • It takes five days and 375 sets of hands to assemble an iPad.
  • It takes only two shifts for workers to make 300,000 iPad cameras.
  • Foxconn employees use a raw piece of aluminum to form the iPad’s exterior design, along with the Apple logo, at a rate of creating 10,000 each hour.
  • A worker carves the Apple logo for the iPad from the aluminum case for 3,000 devices every shift.
  • The worker shifts are 12 hours and include two one-hour long meal breaks. Lunch is $0.70 for meat and rice.
  • Suicide nets were installed in Spring 2010 when nine Foxconn workers killed themselves during a three-month time period.
  • 18 employees killed themselves at an Apple supplier plant in 2010.


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