‘Learn’ ~ Apple’s NEW iPad 2 TV Ads Give You Another Reason Why You Should Have It!

Apple’s iPad 2 did it again and this time Apple has delivered another new version of ads ‘Learn’ same as the previous three version of TV commercial in a short time frame of just 31 seconds. But this time Apple showcases how the iPad apps let you and your kids learn about human anatomy, astronomy, chess and Chinese calligraphy.

Apple iPad 2 Learn Ads

Like other recent iPad 2 ads, the commercial features a voice from actor Peter Coyote blended with a warm piano-tinkling background music. It has no doubt that iPad had proven itself as a good educational device especially many public schools are now using iPads.

The timing of the ad is by no means a coincidence as the school holiday just over and children are now heading back to school. Check out the advertisement on the fantastic learning tool ~ iPad 2 below:

Apple – iPad2 – Learn


For your information, rumor claim that Apple will be releasing its next version of iPad ~ iPad 3 in early next year. If you miss out the previous 3 version of iPad 2 ads please follow the link here.


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