Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) ~ “The Next Galaxy” to be Launch in the Next Few Hours?

As we all know, Samsung’s “The Next Galaxy” aka Samsung Galaxy S III is scheduled to be launch on the coming week, 3 May 2012. But we believe that the folks at Samsung is behind something big for the next few hours time.

Samsung has just posted a teaser at that if you unscramble all the alphabet, it reads “The Next Galaxy”. But so far there is no hint provided by Samsung official which Galaxy it will be unveiling. But one thing for sure, the news in the internet claim that it will be the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) The Next Galaxy to be Launch in the Next Few Hour

Think we just have to wait another few more hours to find out to the truth.

According to tipster comment to Engadget, the ticker could be counting down to some sort of anagram guessing game. So folks another few more hours to go before we could really find out what Samsung is up to. Stay tune for more update from us…


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