Screenfly Best Online Resolution Simulator for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile!

With the emerging of different devices with different resolution on the market to surf the web, having a desktop alone is not enough to ensure that the website you have created can render perfectly in different browsers. While there are browser extensions available to help you view a webpage in a different resolution they don’t support all sorts of resolutions and many of them just fail to reflect the true viewing area of the mobile  site. Screenfly has finally come to rescue and the good news is it is free.  Screenfly allows you to view your website on a variety of device screens and resolutions from the Apple most advance iPad 2 down to the Google Android phone Nexus S. The site also supports wide variety of desktop / TV screens resolutions.

The site will automatically detects if the URL you have entered has a mobile site and it will redirect you to it. Just click on the icon for device type you wish to test and the page will be displayed properly according to the resolution. Check it out!



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