Google+ Finally Hits 20 Million Users Mark! [Latest Stat]

In our yesterday coverage, we did hint that Google+ might just hit its 20 million users milestone in the near future after hitting its 18 millions user base in just a few weeks time. Just a minute ago, Mashable reported that Google+ has already hit and surpass the 20 million figure. Magnificent isn’t...
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21 Tips on Google+ Privacy. A Must Read Guide to Safeguard Your Privacy!

So are you on Google+ yet? Whether your answer is yes or no, you must get yourself expose to the 21 Tips Google+ Privacy Setting we about to reveal on ‘the world fastest growing social media’. It’s something for everyone to think about as it can help make you feel safer and more comfortable...
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Google+ vs Facebook. Infographic EXPOSED Truth Facts Who is the Real Winner!

Well we all know that, Google’s secret weapon Google+ will be revealed soon to all the social community. Again it is another great war between two internet giants Google vs Facebook. Since launched Google+ had already signed up more than 18 million people to its social network. In today series,...
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Google Labs

Google Shut Down Google Labs (Official)

Google has officially announced that, it will be ending it long serving Google Lab which was part of the company initiative to streamline its product portfolio and focus its development efforts. There are currently 56 experimental products in Google Labs. Some will disappear when the Google Labs website...
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Google Search Detects Malware Infection on Your PC – ‘Your computer appears to be infected!’

Google has finally came out with some good news on the ability of its Google Search page to detect the malware infected on the user machine. e.g. when a user search for some term with the search engine its search results page will start informing users if their computer has a malware infection. The new...
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Google+ to Hit Record High of 20 Million Users

Google+ is known as the fastest-growing in the history of Social Network. According to co-founder Paul Allen the currently world no 1 search engine giant will be hitting it 18 millions users mark by the end of this Tuesday. On last week, when the rival of Facebook – Google+ was...
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