The Evolution of Tablet PC and Why It Will Dominate PC Market! [INFOGRAPHIC]

The idea of tablet PC was first drafted by Alan Kay back in 1968 when he came out with a conceptual design of the portable computer which he believe can revolutionize all the gigantic sized-computer in the world.

Since then the concept of tablet computer has started to evolve but it was not until last year when Apple came out with its own multi-touch and 3-axis accelometer technology for iPad which took the world by storm. Apple manage to command more than 80% of the market share since the launch of the bigger version of iPhone.

The trend is not just stopping there as more and more PC maker like Samsung, HTC, Dell, Motorola, HP, Blackberry, LG and etc are trying to get a piece of lucrative market from Apple.

It is expected that at 2015 tablet PC’s sale will surpass the netbook and desktop sale. More than 150 million units of tablets are expected to be shipped by then.

Check out the interesting infograohic below that describe the whole picture of the story.

Tablet Netbook Desktop Infographic

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